• Chronic/Invisible Illness

    Chronic/Invisible Illness

    Being diagnosed with a  Chronic or Invisible Illness is Scary, Depressing, Anxiety Provoking and Overwhelming.  

    Having a chronic illness or illness that is “invisible” can feel like you are lost in the wilderness.  It is frustrating, scary, isolating, and exhausting.  You are dealing with a tremendous amount of uncertainty, loss, and learning to manage the physical and psychological consequences of your illness.

    There is so much uncertainty and emotion tied to your physical symptoms or diagnosis/prognosis.

    You don’t feel well, but often time there are no answers.   Doctors don’t have cures or can’t find the right tests to even figure out what’s going on.  You look OK because you work really hard to function, but the truth is, you are exhausted and overwhelmed.  Managing your illness becomes a central focus of your life, and that is really annoying.

    You have to become your best advocate when you don’t feel up to it physically.

    People who suffer from chronic,  “mystery” or “invisible” illnesses often have to research everything themselves and be strong advocates just to have someone, sometimes including their doctors, believe that there is really something medical going on.  They have to juggle symptoms, food/chemical sensitivities, and contra-indications, supplements, and medications.  They have to try all kinds of treatments, and often don’t have success in resolving the problem.

    It’s hard to maintain relationships because they take energy and it’s hard for others to understand what you’re going through.

    Relationships can suffer because it is hard for others to understand what you are going through and why you are so fatigued, scattered, emotional, and “foggy”.  “You look fine. ”  Maybe you get accused of making up or imagining your symptoms.  Maybe you or others are intolerant of your food and rest regimens.  Just managing your illness so that you can function takes a significant amount of your brainpower and energy.  It becomes a central focus of your life!  People who are managing chronic illness frequently experience substantial anxiety, depression, and grief.

    Help to thrive

    If you experience a chronic or invisible illness and need support around this issue.  I can help.  I provide a safe and supportive space to explore how chronic illness is impacting your life and help you to develop strategies to thrive to the best of your ability.  Contact me.  Let’s talk.